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How to make a video viral on You tube

How a video on you tube become viral the secrete behind that you make a good video but it gets only 1K views but some times a worst video get 1M vieo in 3-4 days do you know what is the secrete behind

(I). Don’t be “too good” for marketing

I almost didn’t put together a marketing plan. Because what if I did all this marketing, and then the video still flopped? That would’ve been embarrassing. Then I realized how stupid that was.
It’s better to try your damnedest and fail than to hold back and always wonder what if.
If you put all this effort into your video, why would you rely on luck for the last leg? Swallow your pride. Give your work a fighting chance. Put together a marketing plan. This article will show you how.

(II). Understand how things go viral on the internet

You see videos on YouTube with millions of views and you wonder — where did they all come from?
First, I posted to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, and submitted it to social news sites . I personally asked many of my friends to share it. I tweeted it at well-known Yogi. I emailed bloggers who had covered other viral yoga videos.
  • Blogs drove a ton of traffic. Each blog is a giant marketing engine with millions of readers Facebook and twitter followers. It’s in their interest to get the article as many views as possible, because each view is an ad they can serve up. Understand how the money flows. It’s all about clicks and advertising dollars.
  • It made the YouTube front page. I’m not sure how it got there, but I suspect the blogs were sending it so much traffic that YouTube’s algorithms picked up on it.
Try many things. You only need one of them to pay off in order for your video to go viral. For me, that thing was you tube search. Your thing might be different. Your goal is to get major blogs to write you up, because their marketing power is ridiculous.

(III) Release on Monday or Tuesday

People watch YouTube videos when they’re at work. They read the news at work. Release your video on Monday or Tuesday to give it the whole week to gain momentum. Weekends are speed bumps.

I chose Tuesday because people are busy catching up with email on Monday. I got lucky with the timing because there wasn’t any major breaking news that day. Releasing on a slow news day will help you.
Mind your holidays, too. Don’t release when people are not at the office.

(IV) Figure out who has a stake in your video

If your video takes off, who are all the people and companies who might want a piece of the action? These people can help market you.
contact companies give there links in video to promote  and asked them to share They’re all things I genuinely believe in, so I was happy to send traffic their way.
I contacted all these companies and asked them to share the video. Some of them shared, some of them didn’t. Try them all.

(V) None of this matters if your video isn’t good

You can get your friends to share. But only the strength of the content can get their friends to share. If you are serious about making good content, read Made to Stick.
Why will people share your video? People share things when they feel emotion. What emotion will your viewers feel?
Some emotions spread better than others. Emotions that spread: awe, excitement, amusement, anger, anxiety. Emotions that don’t: contentment, sadness. I am happy because I loss belly fat around 5 inches in 3 month

(VI) Tell a story

I’m a decent Yoga Participate for a year of practice but I’m nothing compared to the pros. There are thousands of Yogi way more talented whose videos didn’t go viral.
Girl Learns Yoga in a Year went viral because it wasn’t just another Yoga video with cool Posture and cool camera angles. It wasn’t about how good the yoga was. It was about how awkward I was when I started, and how I got better with practice.
And it’s not just a story about Yoga. It’s about having a dream and not knowing how to get there — but starting anyway.
People want stories. That’s what all TV, movies, and books are. Tell a story.

(VII) Make your video shorter

The first thing people do when they play a video is check to see how long it is. It helps them decide whether to watch it. 12 minutes: forget it. 2 minutes: I’ll give it a shot. 30 seconds: Heck, might as well.
Make your video as short as possible while still keeping the heart of the story. The editor and I literally spent hours shaving off seconds to get the video down to 1 minute 51 seconds.
Short videos spread better.

(VIII) Write a viral title

Here’s a quick test. How would you finish this sentence:
“Hey did you see the video of __________”
Fill in the blank. That’s your title.
Here’s a bad title: My Journey of Yoga, a Year of Movement
Better: I Learned Yoga in a Year
Even better: Girl Learns Yoga in a Year
Best: Girl Learns yoga in a Year (TIME LAPSE)

(IX) Know what you’re willing to compromise

What are you willing to do for views? Are you willing to compromise on your beliefs? If so, which ones?
I made a compromise. I believe that grown women should not be referred to as girls. Then I named the video Girl Learns yoga in a Year. It rolls off the tongue better than Woman Learns yoga in a Year. I had decided I could live with that compromise.
for example I  named the video British Girl Learns yoga in a Year. I’m really glad I didn’t do that.
You have to decide what you can live with and what you can’t. Figure this out before you release because once you hit publish, you can’t take it back.

(X) What to do once you go viral

People will criticize your work. This is good because it gets them talking. There are lots of comments about how I’m a terrible dancer, what a bed video quality or  People left racist and sexist comments. They even debated the content of video. Try not to let all this get to you. Controversy is good.
Viral videos have a short shelf life. You have 15 minutes of fame, and your job is to open as many doors as possible in those 15 minutes. Create as many opportunities as you can. Ironically, the week I released the video, I barely danced at all. I didn’t go out and celebrate. I went home and responded to as many emails and tweets as I could.
Know where you want to direct your traffic. I linked to my blogwebsiteTwitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from the video. They were all ready to go. One thing I messed up was I didn’t have an email signup form ready on the Dance In A Year website. I’ve fixed that now, lesson learned. Be prepared.

Why I did it to make my video viral

When you watch a professional perform, you’re seeing them at their moment of glory. It’s intimidating because you don’t see how you could ever get to where they are. You don’t see the moment they started, when they were a beginner just like us. I wanted people to see the beginning.
The best response to the video has been all the people who reached out to us, newly inspired to learn. Learn dance. Learn guitar, learn yoga , Korean, french, Spanish drawing,  . That brings me a lot more fulfillment than the video view count numbers.
After hearing from so many people, I’m now working on a site for people to make their own learning time-lapse projects , I’m really excited to see other people level themselves up in all sorts of skills.
None of this might have happened if I had decided to sit back and just hope it went viral.

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